Origins and Family

  • 1805.FranzosenSteyr
  • 1830.Zeichnung.Loew.Steyr
  • Gedenktafel

1.     Origins and Family

Parents: Alois Vinzenz Redtenbacher, ironmonger. born 1782 in Steyr, died 1860

      - married Josefa Maria Mayrhofer on 13/9/1805

      - from this marriage came five children:

                  - Josefa Cäcilia, born 6/4/1806 in Steyr

                  - Maria Elisabeth Cäcilia, born 12/5/1807 in Steyr

                  - Alois Georg, born 23/4/1808 in Steyr

                  - Ferdinand Jakob, born 25/7/1809 in Steyr, died 16/4/1863 in Karlsruhe

                  - Karl, born 1818, died 1867


Name Origin

“The name Redtenbacher originated from Rota. The Rott river, which flows in Lower Bavaria through Schärding into the Inn. The name comes from the red color of the water from the red chalk that is often found there.”

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