Hometown Steyr

  • 1805.FranzosenSteyr
  • 1830.Zeichnung.Loew.Steyr
  • Gedenktafel


Redtenbacher’s birth year was marked by the Austrian declaration of war on France on April 9th, 1809. The treaty of Luneville of 1801 had been disregarded, and by 1805 the French had already begun their third advance into Steyr, which remained occupied until 1809. In 1809, Napoleon’s troops were occupying Steyr for the third time.


Redtenbacher’s early childhood was marked by various catastrophies that befell Steyr:

- 1813: great flood on September 11

- 1815/1816: an especially cold and wet year brings poverty, hunger and flooding

- 1820: flood in September

- 1821: flooding

- 1824: citywide fire on July 21


Youth and Education

Ferdinand Redtenbacher’s personality was undeniably sharply influenced by the improbable succession of natural disasters that he experienced in his youth. These youthful impressions of his beautiful natural surroundings and the industrial life of his origin city remained throughout his entire later life and career. This early sense and appreciation of nature was one of Redtenbacher’s most important traits. After he graduated from school, Redtenbacher was sent to work with his uncle Josef Mayer, a spice merchant. He valued these years later, as they sharpened his eye for economic issues and helped to develop his interdisciplinary focus.

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