“Thanks to his bodily form and thanks to his mind, man is a universal machine, capable of an infinite diversity of movement.”


“I believe the culture of industry is human at heart. In the application of the forces of nature it has already achieved a great deal, but the industrial audience still misses a lot in terms of human development.”


“The mechanism is the only true and lasting basis for all expository science, indeed for the whole scientific structure” (1859)


“If the educated call the current state of industry raw, so they are right; when they believe that those in industrial professions cannot stand a real education, then they are wrong. Unfortunately, this is the prevailing view.”


“The doctor can have a threefold point of view on his work: he does his business to make money, or because it appeals to his scientific side, or purely for humane reasons, to benefit the people. Is it perhaps in the nature of industry that merely the interest of profit along is active? For industrial workers, is there no scientific, no humane point of view? Only malice and ignorance can claim this.”


“For my future work, I have extensive plans. This plan is to return the entire study of mechanics to safe, easily applicable rules.”


(from Prof. Karl Lindner, TH Graz 1959):


“His mechanical engineering works emphasized connection between theory and practice for the first time: the originality of these thoughts caused quite a sensation.”


“He was an outspoken pioneer by nature: he liked to expand into new territory and leave for others to develop further.”

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