Goals of the Association

  • to promote of reflected research principles
  • to promote of transdisciplinary thought in science and practice
  • to promote of innovative and inventive models in engineering, scientific, and philosophical fields
  • to develop of general ethical principles in positive sciences and application fields such as engineering, economics, resource management, etc.
  • to develop the awareness that individual disciplines, economic and production sectors all have a responsibility towards mankind, and are therefore mandated to provide a humane future through research and development
  • to promote inter- and transdisciplinary communication in the interest of developing sustainable structures
  • to promote awareness of future-oriented technologies’ obligation to weighing future consequences
  • to develop a human conception of the Society’s role, especially with regards to high technology and industrialized society
  • to promote broader education in the various individual disciplines
  • to initiate dialogue regarding this mission
  • to promote and process of historical sources
  • to publish all literature that promotes and documents this stated mission
  • to obtain the widest possible public discussion of these stated mission


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